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Shape and Space Worksheets

Naming 2D Shapes

The task here is to name fifteen 2D shapes (ellipse, regular pentagon, kite, trapezoid*, regular decagon, parallelogram, irregular octagon, equilateral triangle, regular hexagon, isosceles triangle, square, regular heptagon, scalene triangle, trapezium**, regular nonagon) with the help of a list of shape names at the bottom of the worksheet.
As an extra activity there is also the option to work out the number of lines of symmetry for each shape.

The following three worksheets have been designed to allow learners to demonstrate their understanding of reflective symmetry. Each worksheet shows 15 shapes which need to be reflected in a mirror line.

Reflective Symmetry 1


Reflective Symmetry 2


Reflective Symmetry 3



Consider the properties of a range of quadrilaterals, using a flow chart to help identify and name each one.


This worksheet also uses a flow chart but this time the task is to name seven triangles (equilateral, obtuse-angled scalene, right-angled scalene, acute-angled scalene, obtuse-angled isosceles, right-angled isosceles, acute-angled isosceles).

3D Shape - Cube

Make your own cube. Simply print, cut out, fold and glue.
If time, the more artistic may wish to add some colour before cutting them out.
Why not combine the finished cubes to make an attractive collaborative 3D display?

3D Shape - Triangular Prism

3D Shape - Triangular Prism- Double

It may be helpful to discuss some of the nets before cutting and folding. For example here learners can identify parallel lines, obtuse / acute / right angles, or the names of the 2D shapes that make up the net (equilateral triangles and rectangles). The flaps are trapeziums (if you are from places like the U.K. or Australia), or trapezoids (if you are from places like the U.S. or Canada). Wherever you're from, the flaps are quadrilaterals with one pair of parallel sides. Phew! We can all be friends now.
The double version is included for those who wish to reduce paper / photocopying usage and don't mind smaller shapes.

3D Shape - Tetrahedron

Here's another net for more folding, cutting and sticking.

*U.S. / Canada: trapezium
**U.S. / Canada: trapezoid