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Handling Data Worksheets

Here are 18 polygons that can be cut out and then used for sorting / grouping activities:

2d Shapes for Sorting into Groups | 1 (1-9)

2d Shapes for Sorting into Groups | 2 (10-18)

Possible criteria for grouping / sorting:
Is it a triangle?
Is it a quadrilateral?
Are any of the sides parallel?
Are there any perpendicular lines?
Are there any lines of symmetry?
Does the shape have an even / odd number of sides?
Is the shape regular?
Would the shape tessellate?
Are all angles obtuse?

The shapes could be used to help learners develop confidence with Carroll diagrams.
A large sheet of paper might be used to create the Carroll diagram.
The shapes could then be placed in the correct position, depending on the chosen criteria.
Criteria can be written on separate pieces of scrap paper so that the main sheet of paper can be used again.

The following worksheets each show a pictogram with questions.
If you would like to use the pictograms for discussion only, you may prefer to select the 2 sheets below which just show the pictograms (with no questions).

Pictogram 1 | Favourite Animals

Pictogram 2 | Rainy Days

Pictogram 3 | Haircuts

Pictogram 4 | Travelling to the Supermarket

Answers for Pictograms 1 - 4.

Pictograms 1 & 2 (pictograms only)

Pictograms 3 & 4 (pictograms only)