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Coordinates Worksheets

Coordinates 1

A range of symbols are positioned at different points in the first quadrant. The task is to work out the coordinates of each symbol and complete a table accordingly.

Coordinates 2

Here learners need to read and plot eight sets of coordinates in the first quadrant, joining the points as they go to make eight separate shapes.
It may be helpful at the end of the activity to discuss the properties of the shapes that have been drawn.
e.g. How many quadrilaterals are there? Which shapes have right angles? Do any have more than one line of symmetry?

Coordinates 3

This worksheet includes a coordinates grid showing all four quadrants. Learners need to work out the coordinates of the points shown in the grid and record them in a table.

Coordinates 4

The task here is to read and plot six sets of coordinates on a grid showing all four quadrants, joining the points as you go to make six separate shapes.
As an extension activity, learners might consider the mathematical relationships between the shapes.

Coordinates & Number Facts Game

Team Game: A whole class/ small group activity may be based on this worksheet as the numbers on the coordinates grid relate to times tables facts.
Question example: "3 × 9?"...
Before giving the answer, players must first find it on the coordinates grid and answer using its reference, in this case,
"C6. Three nines are twenty-seven".
This and other times tables worksheets can also be found in the times tables worksheets section of the site.