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This site provides free photocopiable maths worksheets.

Most of the worksheets are pitched at key stage 2 (7-11 year olds). Some worksheets are more helpful for other age groups.

I hope that you find something useful.

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Maths Worksheets : Contents

As there are a lot of questions on many of the worksheets, it may help to cut some of them into sections or strips. This can help learners to feel less overwhelmed and will hopefully provide a sense of achievement after each strip of questions has been completed.

Many of the worksheets on this site are laid out so that there is a slight gap after every 5 questions. This is also aimed to promote a feeling of progress as each block of 5 questions is completed.

Latest Worksheets

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Addition Worksheets

Designed to provide addition practice at a range of levels, these worksheets will hopefully add up to an increase in confidence. This section includes 'fill in the gaps' questions, as well as a set of worksheets which focus specifically on adding through the tens barrier.

Subtraction Worksheets

The subtraction section includes horizontal subtraction, vertical subtraction worksheets, 'fill in the gaps' worksheets, and a set of worksheets aimed to give plenty of practice subtracting through the tens barrier.

Multiplication Worksheets

This section offers multiplication practice at different levels and includes long multiplication worksheets.

Division Worksheets

Includes basic division questions testing number facts relating to times tables, as well as worksheets containing short division questions.

Time Worksheets

These worksheets include the 24 hour clock, analogue clocks and also a 'digital to analogue' activity where hands need to be drawn on clock faces.

Fractions Worksheets

Fractions as pies or shaded shapes, block fractions, line fractions, scales and more. Sometimes looking at fractions in a new way can mean a breakthrough. Equivalent, improper and mixed fractions are included too. There are also some games which may serve as useful warm up activities.

Decimal Worksheets

Here's a wide range of decimal worksheets designed to build confidence using a variety of illustrations, including decimals represented as circles, number lines, dials or squares. There are also a number of worksheets which test addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimal numbers.

Times Tables Worksheets

There are a number of worksheets here that are designed to help learners to become more confident with their times tables and perhaps even enjoy the experience. This section also includes some 'loop' games that can be cut up and used with a group.

Percentages Worksheets

These worksheets illustrate percentages using circles, blocks, shaded polygons (and the odd line of spider silk). There is also a worksheet that gives learners an opportunity to show the connection between percentages, fractions and decimals.

Coordinates Worksheets

These coordinates worksheets should help build confidence with some fun along the way. There is also a game which may be played in a group, to test times tables number facts.

Shape and Space Worksheets

Here are some worksheets where learners can name 2D shapes, consider properties of quadrilaterals and triangles, or cut up and glue some nets to make 3D shapes.

Handling Data Worksheets

This section includes sheets showing 2D shapes which can be cut out and used for grouping activities. There are also 4 pictogram worksheets illustrating favourite animals, rainy days over six months, haircuts over a week, and transport used to get to a supermarket.